When my college-aged kids come home, there is always great confusion over the toothbrushes. Several times, I did an internet search for "personalized toothbrushes" However, I could only find sites for bulk ordering meant for dentists. I tried several methods for personalizing them myself, but they weren't very attractive or successful. Brush In TIme has solved the problem! The brushes are clearly marked, look great, work great, and keep us from spreading germs!  ~ Barbara Mello

Solves a huge problem in our house. I'm very excited, finally everyone knows which toothbrush is theirs. ~ Kim Nadeau 

A quality toothbrush at an affordable price, personalized and delivered! Love it! ~ Suzanne Fleming

Thanks!! I no longer need to stand in the toothbrush aisle, overwhelmed by all the options, types, and brands! ~ Mary Scannell

I have 5 kids this service is a god send! ~ Jeanna Petrucelli

Name on a toothbrush,  what an ingenious idea!!! Can't tell you how many times I have picked up the wrong toothbrush. ~ Kim Walters 

Strep, Flu, Meningitis, Colds, Finally everyone knows which toothbrush is theirs. The color system just doesn't work. ~ Lorraine Feeney 

The toothbrushes are great. I ran to CVS to grab a toothbrush and hated how it felt. I'm back won't be using anything else. ~ Catrina Dirubbo