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A Personalized Toothbrush is a simple solution to a common problem! Get Creative with how you personalize, up to 2 lines of personalization.

· Personalized toothbrushes will eliminate confusion over the brush’s owner.

· Order one time or get a subscription of quarterly deliveries to your front door. This guarantees that your toothbrush is replaced every 3 months according to ADA recommendations and ensures yourself that millions of icky bacteria aren’t using your toothbrush and mouth as a breeding ground . Timely replacement of your brush will also make certain that your brushes bristles are working as effectively as they should to clean your teeth.

· All of Brushintime’s toothbrushes are premium brushes, selected specifically for each age group by co-founder Dr. Stephen MacDonald, a prominent Massachusetts dentist. No need to find yourself overwhelmed by the choices in the store aisles again!


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